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"Fintex Summit" is one of the two biggest annual events organized by the Azerbaijan Banks Association.

FINTEX SUMMIT - FINANCE AND TECHNOLOGIES EXPO will be held on may 14-15, 2020, in Baku, Azerbaijan. The subject of the Summit will be “New Trends in Banking and Payment Ecosystem: Innovative Solutions, Fintech and Security”. The event is held in partnership with VISA and supported by the Azerbaijan Banks Association, Central Bank, Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies and Center for Analysis of Economic Reforms and Communication.

Two day event is one of the two annual events organized in Baku (another one is an INTERNATIONAL BANKING FORUM organized each year in November: ), and is the most famous finance and banking event in of the region.

The Summit has the purpose of being the platform for exchanging ideas and experiences in the field of new and upcoming trends in financial technologies, digitalization, payment ecosystem. It’s a place for discussing opportunities provided by new financial and banking products, innovative payments solutions, digital currencies, possibilities of co-existence and co-operation of banks with fintech, and security issues arising with the onrush of such technologies. Its where best practices in establishment of the legal framework for such new services and products are considered, and impact of all these processes on strengthening financial sustainability, financial inclusiveness and best customer experience are learned.

The Summit brings together CEOs and management of relevant government bodies, regulators of finance and banking, top management of commercial banks and fintech, managers of commercial and public organizations, other decisionmakers and influencers, representatives of international financial institutions and local Embassies, academician, famous companies providing finance and banking products and solutions, and other stakeholders.

Within the Summit “Finance and Digital Technologies Days” will be announced and different related side events (meetups, seminars, competitions etc.) will be organized too.

Main subjects of Forum: 

  • Banks and fintech: an evolving relationship
  • Payments and bankıng servıces
  • Emergıng role of banks ın e-commerce
  • Turnıng to robotıcs
  • Regulatory framework
  • Cyber threats and securıty
  • From strength to strength: retaıl bankıng
  • Open bankıng: changıng fınancıal servıces
  • Crypto system
  • Smart bankıng technologıes
  • Trends on financial services
  • Customer centric world (customer centricity)
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