About us

GBM Events is a company specialized in organization of international and regional exhibitions, forums, conferences, workshops, leadership and motivational and other events. We do believe that development and progress is only possible by sharing experience and mutual discussions.

Creating networking platforms for promoting and spreading innovation, knowhow and creativity is our priority.

Our main area of activity covers finance and banking sector. New and upcoming trends in technolgies in general, and financial technologies in particular, blockchain, cryptocurrencies and also security issues arising with the onrush of such technologies defines and put forward structurally new challenges before corporates, banks and other stakeholders of financial sector, ad also opens new dimentions for inviduals.

In order to contribute to the comprehensive awareness of the relevant stakeholders about new realities and facilitate to the formation of longer vision and current application of such technologies by financial institutions and other companies GBM Events brings together international companies, senior management of regulatory and supervisory authorities in the financial and economic sphere, national banks, CEOs and top management of commercial and state banks, heads of business and public organizations, associations, representatives of international financial institutions and other.

Our Vision

Our vision is be the lighthouse of facilitating navigation of financial and other institutions toward innovation, digital transformation, decentralisation and security harbour, to inspire, to motivate, to drive change and bring the future in.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the platform bringing under one “opportunities umbrella” providers of innovative technologies, best experiences, products, services with the users and other peers, showing individual attention to their needs, creating an environment that leads to matching their interests together and maintaining continuous cooperation, with an ultimate goal of contributing to the improvement, development and sophistication.

About GBM Events