Fintex Summit 2020: Finance and Technologies Expo

New trends in banking and payment ecosystem:innovative solutions, fintechs and security

Boulevard Hotel, Baku, Azerbaijan

About the Summit

Two day event supported by Azerbaijan Banks Association (ABA), Central Bank, Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies and Center for Analysis of Economic Reforms and Communication is one of the two annual events organized by the ABA (second one is an annual Banking Forum organized each year in November:, and is the most famous finance and banking events in of the region gathering together CEOs and management of relevant government bodies, top management of commercial banks and fintechs, managers of commercial and public organizations, representatives of international financial institutions, academician, famous companies providing finance and banking products and solutions, and other stakeholders.

The Summit has the purpose of being the platform for exchanging ideas and experiences in the field of new and upcoming trends in financial technologies, digitalization, payment ecosystems. It’s a place for discussing opportunities provided by new financial and banking products, innovative payments solutions, digital currencies, possibilities of co-existence and co-operation of banks with fintech, and security issues arising with the onrush of such technologies. Its where best practices in establishment of the legal framework for such new services and products are considered, and impact of all these processes on strengthening financial sustainability, financial inclusiveness and best customer experience are learned.

2 DaysThe most productive days
60 SpeakersThe best experts will speak for you
80 CompaniesThe leading companies of the sector
1000 ParticipantsFinancial sector stakeholders will be at the Event
6 PanelsAll topics will be covered


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  • Day I / 14 May
  • Day II / 15 May
Global Fintech Landscape

Global Fintech landscape

The expanse of fintech can be mainly seen in the development of fintech hubs – cities where startups, expertise, and funding gather – which are producing globally in arrangement with the ongoing disturbance in financial services. These centers are all competing to become stabilized fintech centers in their own virtue, and want to offer to the broader financial services ecosystem of the future. Their prosperity depends on a variety of factors, including passage to funding and talent, as well as the procedure of relevant regulators. We will explore trends that will reshape the fintech landscape in 2020 .

New Payment World Current Situation and Expectations

New payment world : current situation and expectations

Payments are the financial instruments used globally to transfer value in the form of money. The result is that there are now well over 750 payment systems throughout the world—systems that are constantly changing due to new technology or government regulations. Traditional payments players are being squeezed from all sides. We will discuss how will the latest innovations affect the payment industry.

Turning to robotics

Turning to robotics

Robotics is revolutionizing the way lots of banking and finance companies do business through something called robotic process automation (RPA). It’s essentially a virtual workforce based on software that frees up human employees to focus on less tedious tasks that only humans do well.

Regulatory challenges of digital age

Regulatory challenges of digital age

Transformations in banking as a result of the new digital age are challenging financial regulation and supervision. The ever-changing regulatory environment poses a constant challenge for financial institutions of all types. Regtech is an emerging industry that can help ease the burden of compliance. By using the latest FinTech technologies to address regulatory compliance, RegTech startups are bridging the gap between regulators and the financial service industry. Forum delivers the key insights and practical solutions to cope with regulatory challenges of the digital age.

Rising Value Blockchain Technology

Rising value “block chain” technology

Blockchain have a bright future. One of the most talked-about topics in the financial services industry today is blockchain banking. If fully adopted, it will enable banks to process payments more quickly and more accurately while reducing transaction processing costs and the requirement for exceptions. In forum, we take look the biggest key to turning blockchain’s potential into reality. Reducing costly cross border payments , making fund transfer more secure and fast almost as fast as instant must sound like a dream and Blockchain is the best option we have.

Cyber security under the microscope

Cyber Security under the microscope

Banks have been at the forefront of cybersecurity for years, investing heavily to protect some of their clients’ most valuable and sensitive information. This high investment in cyber security is growing steadily. Analysts expect the global cybersecurity market to reach more than $120 billion by 2021. How can we identify threats more effectively, develop trends, and quickly access important data?

From strength to strength: retail banking

From strength to strength: retail banking

Within today’s connected, digital environment, bank executives realise that customer satisfaction standards must stack up not only to those of other firms providing financial services, but also with non-industry businesses that consistently keep consumers engaged, satisfied, and loyal.Any organisation can leverage technology to create new customer delight benchmarks that influence the financial services paradigm and bank customers’ expectations.In light of the current challenges, retail banks need to focus on their strengths. There are two core strengths that define a bank’s business model: first, a clear customer centricity and second, a strong value chain focus.

The future of data in banking

The future of data in banking

Digital revolution opening up a range of new options for financial management. Worldwide revenues for big data and business analytics (BDA) will go up more than $203 billion in 2020. We will discuss future of data what promises for banking sector.

Open banking changing financial services

Open Banking : changing financial services

Open Banking represents a significant opportunity to innovate and transform core services. We will discuss the appropriate design and implementation of open banking that can help with digital transformation. Forum will explore the best options for integration of APIs in online banking at present.

Smart banking technologies

Smart Banking Technologies

Innovative technologies in the financial sector are now revolutionizing the banking system. The superior segmentation and targeting potential these technologies provide has powered a new era of personalized, highly-targeted communications. As a result, the conventional banking scene is set to instantly shift in the coming years. Which technology trends will matter most in the months and years ahead? Big data and AI? The cloud? Digital-only banks? We will seek answers to these questions together.

Trends on financial services

Trends on financial services

A look at some of the key trends re-shaping the banking industry makes it easier to understand the transformations being undertaken by financial institutions to stay relevant in the future. These trends include the ongoing digital transformation, the emergence of FinTech companies, the increasing role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics, and re-thinking the concept of money.

The Emerging Cryptoeconomy

The emerging crypto economy

The advantage of cryptocurrencies is not that they are electronic currencies; dollars, euros, yen, and yuan are all e-currencies today. Rather, the advantage is that blockchain technology offers a complete, self-contained alternative to the traditional payment transfer system; it is as if all bitcoin users are banking with the same bank. And because cryptocurrencies were not initially regulated, there was no need to go through any of the regulatory processes to get started as a cryptocurrency bank equivalent. Cryptocurrencies are only the tip of the iceberg. Together we will explore that iceberg.

State of e-commerce

State of e-commerce

Since its inception, the e-commerce industry has continued to grow and shows no signs of slowing down. As the e-commerce market size increases, so do the potential for incidents of web-based credit card fraud. Due to this potential, Internet-based merchants should be looking to adopt extra forms of security for their transactions. We will explore together best forms of additional e-commerce security.

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