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Challenged by unprecedented and unforeseen, the whole economies, financial systems, banking, payments and fintech ecosystem are all experiencing the flash of disruption and change. The ones which are sophisticated in terms of technology, digitalization adapt smoothly, break the bowl and start sailing. The only way to survive is to stay connected, collaborate, transform and move faster than ever.

To reconnect and discuss the new reality of the financial ecosystem, to elaborate on what is waiting ahead V INTERNATIONAL BANKING FORUM 2021 (IBF 21) is planned to be held in partnership with MasterCard on October 7-8, 2021, in Baku, Azerbaijan. The subject of the Forum is “CASHLESS ECONOMY: RELIABLE, SAFE AND SUSTAINABLE”. The banking forum will be hybrid, with onsite and online opportunities. 

We hope for the best and keen on more onsite event, meet you face-to-face, feel the real atmosphere and unique moments of Forum. But we all saw that with the right event platform online events bring a lot opportunities too and let us come together no matter where you are. Therefore online will be an indispensable part of our events in future.

The event is held in partnership with Mastercard and supported by the Azerbaijan Banks Association, Central Bank, Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies and Center for Analysis of Economic Reforms and Communication.

Two day event is one of the two annual events organized in Baku and is the most famous finance and banking event of the region.. Go to the link to see all our events: https://www.gbmevents.az/en/events.

Having quite a history the Forum proved itself as an excellent platform where all the stakeholders meet, present new ideas, experiences, products, learn from each other, network and dive deeper into financial technologies, digitalization, payment ecosystem. We are inspired that there are always new opportunities for partners and participants there at the event.

The IBF and FINTEX SUMMIT are only economy and finance events in Azerbaijan at which bank CEOs are all present. The Forum brings together senior management of regulators, fintech, associations, representatives of international financial institutions, local Embassies, academician, well known companies, decisionmakers and influencers.

2 DaysThe most productive days
60 SpeakersThe best experts will speak for you
100 CompaniesThe leading companies of the sector
1000 ParticipantsFinancial sector stakeholders will be at the Event
10 PanelsAll topics will be covered


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  • Day I / 07 Oct
  • Day II / 08 Oct

Digital Bank

Digital transformation will fundamentally change bank economics and revenue models in the next decade. To sustain long-term success, banks will need to develop one or more dominant specialties enabling them to compete within and beyond their traditional footprints. Partnerships with fintechs will enable banks to provide clients with services and products banks could not otherwise provide in the accelerated digital atmosphere that is today’s banking world.

Smart banking technologies

Banking on Every Device

If I don`t have it on my phone, I don`t need it. New technologies applied in banking allow us to conduct transactions through the devices and applications we use every day. What innovations and threats await us in this area? We will discuss technologies what promises for banking sector.

Open banking changing financial services

Platform Banking & digital ecosystem

Cooperation with third-party providers is an important factor for providing a wide rage of services and products. Platformification is about better serving customer needs and being able to offer services beyond a limited portfolio. Customers can benefit from platform banking in multiple ways: convenience, greater choice, ability to compare products, potentially better pricing, etc.But becoming a platform, in any domain, is easier said than done. What capabilities must a bank master to become a viable platform?

Innovative Payment Ecosystem

The payments landscape continues to change. Driven by innovation and shifts in consumer preferences, new systems, new methods and new players are shaping the future of payments. The current conditions and customers make it necessary to constantly search for and apply innovations in the payment system.

New Payment World Current Situation and Expectations

Evolving Ecommerce: Increasing Demand

Amidst the unprecedented spike in online transactions during the COVID-19 pandemic, the eCommerce industry is going through profound changes. E-commerce has fundamentally changed the way that companies do business. It’s more important than ever to have good financial practices in place to grow the business and connect with customers safely, securely, and easily.

Trusted authentication

Secure Authentication

Forum will bring together professionals focussed on strong customer authentication, integration of biometric technology for providing security of trusted authentication, building trusted identity networks. We will explore together how banks are using new authentication methods to boost conversions and keep their customers loyal? How banks can transform their relationship with the customer by using identities models?One of the topical issues we will discuss at the forum is authentication. New solutions are introduced every day to ensure secure authentication. What are these solutions and will they help us? Experts at the forum will focus on next generation authentication methods.

Trends on financial services

New Normal: New Cybersecurity

The COVID-19 pandemic has added a fresh challenge for digital banking, demanding more robust cybersecurity technologies and an urgent need to improve security in the digital culture, both for employees and end users. Sensitive Data and resources present with banks make them an attractive target for cyber attacks, but banks can devise ways to mitigate any attempted attacks in different ways.

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