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The “IV International Banking Forum - Cashless Economy: Towards Sustainable Banking”, organized by the Azerbaijan Banks Association, was held at Boulevard Hotel on November 06-07, 2019.

Organized by Azerbaijan Banks Association and  supported by Central Bank, Financial Markets Supervision Authority, Ministry of Transport, Communicationsand High Technologies and Center for Analysis of Economic Reforms and Communication, traditional event named “IV INTERNATIONAL BANKING FORUM – CASHLESS ECONOMY: TOWARD THE SUSTAINABLE BANKING” has successfully completed its work within the framework of “Cashless Society Days” which covered dates of on October 29 - November 08, 2019.

In this two day event related state institutions, commercial banks, directors of local and foreign businesses and public organizations, international financial institutions and representatives of foreign embassies in Azerbaijan, as well as delegates of up to 100 global organizations and prestigious companies from USA, Japan, Europe, China and CIS countries have participated.

Forum including 6 modules, has covered topics of: 

  • Cashless economy: Achievements and Challenges;
  • Banking – Going Digital;
  • New Faces of Banking Transformation;
  • New Payment World;
  • Compliance and Regulatory Risks;
  • Regulation of Cashless and Digital Economy.

Note that, in modules discussions with more than 60 speakers were held and more than 1000 participants had joined.

Representatives of influential financial technology and related companies such as MasterCard, Cross, Oracle, BS/2, Zolotaya Korona, Tieto, Altair, Antaris, Azericard, Group-IB, Solanteq, ihs Teknoloji, 3D Bilişim, Colvir, Millikart Group, Dell, NBA Technologies International, Nice Actimize, НПА, Commerzbank,  Terrasoft, PayPorter, Portmanat, SAS, Finanzgruppe, EFSE, Wallyt, S&P Global Ratings, Pafilia, Spektr Centre for Research and Development, Simbrella, Diebold Nixdorf, Polish Bank Association, RDTEX, FICO Tonbeller, Qulix, IDNT, Adecco, Alliance Factors, Koophub, Deloitte, Fintech Association, Ernst & Young, International Finance Corporation, PolishAPI, МИР, Пластик карта, НАПКА, Paynet, PwC, SWIFT, KPMG, Verifone, Finance in Motion, KUTVAN group, BaFin, National Bank of the Republic of Belarus, National Bank of Georgia, National Bank of Ukraine, Ashburn International were among participants and speakers, simultaneously AzerTurk Bank OJSC, Bank of Baku OJSC, Bank Respublika OJSC, Expressbank OJSC, Premium Bank OJSC, Rabitabank OJSC, TuranBank OJSC, Unibank CB OJSC took part as Bank partners of this Forum.

During “Cashless Society Days” trainings, seminars and “Meetup”s regarding cashless economy, digital payments and innovative solutions were organized for bank employees, journalists and students, as well as campaigns to encourage cashless payments were held.

In general, 15 events were organized within the framework of “Cashless Society Days”. Belowmentioned presentations on various topics were made during the Forum.

6 november:

  1. Alexey Shalin - How the financial industry is affected by AI and ML?
  2. Dmitry Nazarov - Digital Banking: risks and opportunities for the CIS banks 
  3. Maxim Efimov - Mobile Payments and How They Change Traditional Banking
  4. Ekaterina Kalinina - SWIFT GPI evolution
  5. Alper Gul - New generation online cash registers
  6. Cihat Mush - SAS for the New Generation Banking and Payments
  7. Erol Ulu - Understand the Payments business as a banker to see the business opportunities
  8. Evgeny Guschin - Digital back office – automate the core of your bank
  9. Farid Guliyev - Digital and remote banking – the reality of today (Video)
  10. Farid Osmanov - Financial technologies in the Central Bank: today and tomorrow 
  11. Hakan Tatlici - Future of Payments 
  12. Kadir Yuceer - Digital onboarding
  13. Kirill Ovsiannikov - Developing of acquiring business at high-competitive market: Case of PASHA Bank 
  14. Maciej Kostro - New payment services, introduced by PSD2 - their impact on business models and increased risks
  15. Micaela Vernmark - Transforming corporate banking experiences with virtual accounts: benefits for banks and businesses 
  16. Mikhail Alekseev - Solanteq - one true step to payments high tech
  17. Nader Afifi - Making digital Business a reality with modern solutions 
  18. Svetlana Sergeeva - Acquiring – new challenges and new solutions
  19. Denis Novikov - Digital Banking: How to build a hybrid team for innovative projects 
  20. Tatyana Zharkova - Development of financial technologies in Russia – Fintech Association 
  21. Tokuro Uhara& Antony Knode - Imperatives for Integrating Cryptocurrency with Fiat Currency in Azerbaijan

7 november:

  1. Alikhayyam Guluzade - The role of regtech in digital age: risks and opportunities 
  2. Diana Feld & Daniil Solovyev - Compliance automation and current trends in financial fraud
  3. Farid Isayev - Cashless payments: instrument of struggle with shadow economy and the driver of the banking sector development 
  4. Gokhan Gözütok -We Prevent Financial Crime by World Class Analytics and Local Experience
  5. Gunel Sadieva - E-commerce and digitalization of economy. Current tax regulations and tax challenges, experience of other countries
  6. Habib Abbasov - E-commerce: international experience and innovations – judicial framework 
  7. Hiro Takahashi - Multiple Layered Security Analyses Method for Cryptocurrency Exchange Servicers
  8. Otabek Sidikov - Managing Correspondent Banking Risks
  9. Pavel Shoust - Main trends in AML/CFT regulation – how FATF and Risk-Based Approach change the AML/CFT landscape 
  10. Sahib Hasanov - Digitalization in KYC policy 
  11. Seymur Muradov - Impact of regulations on lending 
  12. Sundeep Tengur - Future-proofing Fraud Prevention using Advanced Analytics
  13. Tural Feyzullayev Legal aspects of supervision in digitalization 
  14. Tural Mammadov - Opportunities provided by the application of the “Electronic enforcement” information system
  15. Vladimir Remyga - Digital: Governance, Risk and Compliance
  16. Volker den Ouden-1 - Embargoes I: Status Quo and Trends
  17. Volker den Ouden-2 - Embargoes II: Russia and Iran
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