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FINTEX ONLINE will be held in partnership with VISA on October 8-9, 2020 with the subject of “NEW TRENDS IN BANKING AND PAYMENT ECOSYSTEM: INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS, FINTECHS AND SECURITY”.

The pandemic has changed almost all the aspects of our lives, from the way we work and live to the way we interact with external world, in which financial services has a pivotal role. Just like the world itself, the financial services will never look the same again, and providers of them must change and adapt to all these innovations too, otherwise step down the scene.

Challenged too by new realities we at the Azerbaijan Banks Association, together with partners decided to launch FINTEX SUMMIT 2020 - ONLINE (FINANCE AND TECHNOLOGIES EXPO), to support the market, provide the stakeholders with the right platform to stay tuned and share knowledge, their experience, find new opportunities, network and be engaged even more than before.

FINTEX 2020 is a virtual event with endless possibilities, which include virtual auditorium, virtual booth, virtual lounge, networking and more. 

Having quite a history the Summit proved itself as an excellent platform where all the stakeholders meet, present new ideas, experiences, products, learn from each other, network and dive deeper into financial technologies, digitalization, payment ecosystem. We are inspired that there are always new opportunities for partners and participants there at the event.

The FINTEX SUMMIT is only finance event in Azerbaijan at which bank CEOs are all present. The Summit brings together senior management of regulators, fintech, associations, representatives of international financial institutions, local Embassies, academician, well known companies, decisionmakers and influencers.

We will discuss together the following topics:

  • The future of risks in financial services
  • Fintech: the age of partnerships and collaboration
  •  Payment ecosystem: changing behaviors
  • Platform banking & digital ecosystems
  • Alternative finance
  • Customer experience: ever changing world of banking and fintech
  • Cybersecurity more important than ever
  • Data: the future of banking and fintech
  • Blockchain & digital assets
  • Regulatory framework: turning to technology

Within the Summit “Finance and Digital Technologies Days” will be announced and different related side events (meetups, webinars, competitions etc.) will be organized too.

The landing page and video of the FINTEX SUMMIT 2019:  

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