Pavel KrylovGroup-IB, Head of Online Fraud Prevention
I am so glad to participate in this summit in this beautiful Baku city. Wonderful organization, scale can be felt, very interesting speeches and I am glad that I could also report about interesting topics, about our products and approaches. I will be happy to take part in the next year.
Anthony Knode
Anthony KnodeCROSS LLC, General Manager
We are very honoured to be here, represent Cross Exchange and have this opportunity to spread a project and give a shout-tout.
Koray Arıkan
Koray ArıkanKOBIL Systems, Regional sales director
As Kobil, we are joining this event for the first time. During this event, both on the banks and solution providers sides, we are in process of communication with everyone. We would like to firstly thank the Azerbaijan Banks Association and banks of Azerbaijan for organization of this event.
Cristina Doros
Cristina DorosVisa, CIS&SEE, Vice President, Head of Core Products
We are so glad and proud to be global sponsor of such Summit. Both for participants and speakers this is very spectacular event, because we witnessed that, here so many business cooperations are happening, so many banks, fintech companies, delegates of different payment markets are taking part. That is why, we are proud of being partners of FİNTEX summit, we are planning to continue our partnership.
Hakan Tatlici
Hakan TatliciMastercard, Business Development Director
Each year we take part as global sponsor of International Banking Forum. We, as Mastercard are also part of this digital transformation and we do our best to support this.